Learn how to avoid online Casino Scams !

Today many people still think that online casinos are fraudulent and that they manipulate the games in some way. In the beginning of the virtual casinos there were probably scamming casino sites and maybe there are still similar cases. However, the regulation of online gambling in the last few years in Europe has changed the situation a lot, as well as in UK. English regulated casinos are inspected by regulatory bodies of the The Gambling Commission (UKGC) and licenses are not issued to any operator that does not meet the strict legal and technical requirements of The UK Gambling Commission. However, a player can have these major problems in an online casino:

How to be sure that there is no manipulation in the games

Every player has different experiences in casinos and the results are of course different because legal online casinos use Random Number Generator (RNG). In the image below we present the English regulatory bodies as well as independent international organisations such as eCOGRA, which carry out technical inspections and certify the safety and protection of the player in online casinos.

The Safe Gaming seals are well visible on all regulated and legal pages for English players. The seals of other entities can be found only in the best casinos because they are a guarantee of high quality and honest and safe gambling.

Late payments – how long does it take to process withdrawals?

The processing of withdrawals at different casinos does not have a regulated time frame because each casino has different deadlines. In addition, the time to process a payment also depends on the player’s status in the casino because VIP players receive personalized treatment and preferential processing of withdrawals. However there are some things that can be summarized for all reliable online casinos.

Financial transfer The time to process money depends very much on the financial provider because each of them has its own processing time. Electronic purses usually process deposits and withdrawals immediately especially if the deposit and withdrawal have been made with the same payment method. If you use your PayPal account to deposit and withdraw money from the casino, for example, the transfer happens in just a few seconds. Now, it is not the same when the deposit has been made with one payment method, for example a prepaid card, and then the withdrawal is made with another payment method. In these cases, the casino always makes a verification of the player’s identity and the processing usually takes a minimum of 1 day and up to a maximum of 3 days. If the withdrawal is made with a check, then the wait is much longer and lasts one or two weeks because it is sent by mail.

Processing time The processing of all money transfers takes time that depends on the financial staff of the casino. This includes the preparation of sending money, preparation of documentation, player identification and also the implementation of anti-money laundering measures. All this depends on the organization time of the staff within the casino but as a rule it does not last more than 3 working days. In cases when the casino payment is delayed for more than 3 days and even more than 6 days, then it can be a case of a dishonest casino that simply wants to wait for the player to cancel the withdrawal to play with the won money. Although this is not considered illegal, similar behavior is a bit irresponsible and dishonest. When the player wants to withdraw money from his casino account, he should receive it immediately and not wait until he cancels his wish to withdraw.

Choose a casino with many active players

Choosing an online casino with a good reputation is essential to avoid having a bad experience. Besides, the more players there are in a casino the more prestige and good reputation it has. This is natural because in case of scamming some gambler this casino would cease to exist in just one month. Internet gamblers’ forums will start to spread information against the dishonest casino and very quickly it would lose its players. A good casino can boast of a greater number of players but also with the time of existence online that is also important. If you are a popular operator that is present on the Internet since many years then you have nothing to fear and you can register yourself on its platform quietly. No prestigious casino would risk its reputation with scandals and disputes with its players because their success and life online depends on it.

So if you choose to play at a reliable casino like 888 Casino that has not caused any problems to its players, your experience with its games can be pleasant and relaxed. This casino has several international awards (13 awards in the last 7 years) in the online gaming sector and has been active in the market for almost 20 years. Moreover it has already more than 25 million registered players worldwide which confirms once again its best position in the world of betting and online gaming.

How to avoid account blocking?

There are cases in which the player has been blocked from accessing his account for reasons unknown to him. In most of these cases the main reason for blocking is usually the failure to comply with the casino terms and conditions because in a regulated casino a blocking cannot occur without some important reason. The English law is protecting the players residing in UK and you can always make an official complaint against the operator who has blocked your account without any reason. However, you should always take into account the casino conditions because sometimes the players do not comply with simple requirements of the operator just because they do not know them.

Bonus conditions are often the main reasons for complaint against casinos and in most cases this happens because the players do not know the conditions and then feel cheated by the casino. That’s why I would like to explain in detail the important information you should know for casino bonuses.

How to recognize unfair bonus conditions

Bonus conditions are different in each casino but what they have in common is that they all have wagering requirements. These requirements are specially created to prevent the bonus money from being withdrawn without using it in the casino games. Meeting the conditions and withdrawing the money is very difficult but it is possible in the casinos with the best bonus conditions. In good casinos you can do without the bonus if you don’t want to complicate your game by fulfilling the conditions but that’s why you should contact the customer service before making the first deposit. For those who want to increase the money to play, I recommend the operators in the table below where you can check the conditions and choose the one that best suits your wishes.

Another important point is the length of validity of the bond. In most casinos, this period is 30 days after the receipt of the bonus. But there are casinos that require the bonus to be released within seven days of registration as is the case with Betway Casino, and 7 days at Betfair. In these seven days, the new player has to meet the conditions to release the money from the winnings generated with this money. When the conditions are not met, after these 7 days the bonus is cancelled along with the money won in the bets. That’s why players can feel cheated if they haven’t read the conditions before.

Different games also have different percentages for their contribution to the wagering requirements. Casinos determine this percentage according to the risk level of the games and according to the house advantage. In French roulette, the contribution percentage is usually 25% of the value of each bet and the casino advantage is 2.7% which helps players release their welcome bonus more quickly. In blackjack the house advantage is even less – only 0.5% and that’s why the percentage in this game is around 10% and in the best casinos up to 25%. The Blackjack Surrender variant has the lowest advantage of 0.13% and that is why on most platforms this variant does not contribute anything to the bonus.

How to protect yourself otherwise on the Internet

Apart from the security measures in casinos, the player can protect himself on the Internet with additional measures. When sensitive personal data needs to be protected, special anti-virus software must be used to detect malware or other types of malicious programs. If you have a security program installed, it will immediately intercept fraudulent access attempts from the network.

But in any case, everyone can say that there are better products on the market than those recommended in our table. Personal preferences are something we cannot change and we do not want to influence your decisions. We simply want to provide useful information for users who are looking for this type of program and because these three are ranked at the top of several TOP10 lists.